Re-Evolution is an evolvement of stone lithography into a short animated work. A series of lithographic mono prints were made using successive states of the same image. Color additions using a mono type process completed the flat works. Images printed on mylar were overlaid in the photographic process & moved to give the work it's breathing feel. The initial state was a touche wash which was amended by adding lithographic pencil. This was repeated until the image was almost black. Acid biting was then employed. The successive images were printed using a partial image transposition & interleaving newsprint cut-outs between the printing surface & paper to create voids. The images were digitally composed & a synthesizer soundtrack was added by Steven H. Bardo.


This piece was the completion of a long time goal. It expresses through abstract expressionistic means my interest in the temporal & emotive aspects of art. It's short duration is a reflection of the fleeting nature of expression.





Watch the Re-Evolution Video on YouTube