A View From a Room


This video was created using a combination of video images & still images scanned into the computer. There are 2 sequences. The photos were shot using props in a landscape staged to block out the ghost image area & a window frame on legs. Then, a set of 3 x 5" black & white prints were made then corrected on the print & enlarged xerographically to 8.5 x 11". These xeroxes were colorized using colored chalks. The ghost image was drawn in this way in the space, which had been blocked out.

Stainless Steel
& Other Materials
55" x 17" x 10"
Sequence 2
Picture 9

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The 2nd series was similar in that the images used were from the same photography session. The negatives were altered as desired & 8" x 10" black & white prints were made on non-resin coated paper. These images were colorized using watercolors & gouaches. The ghost image was painted in the blank area left by the photographed prop. The artist created the musical instruments used for the sound of this video. They are intended to be equally sculptural & functional. The hydroclang is a mahogany frame with a series of three stainless steel tubes with bent rods attached like tuning forks.


Sequence 1
Picture 3

When struck they produce a variety of gamelan like tones depending on whether struck with wood, rubber, or metal. The hollow tubes can also be filled with water & the aluminum rods can be lowered into them creating a splashing, sloshing sound. The billiard ball & wok, is a wok that sits on a stand & a billiard ball can be rolled inside or struck to create sound. The wok can be placed on the ground to produce a gong sound. The bisected monochord is an upright base string strung in a steel frame. A weighted bisector straddles the string & alters the tone. The string may be plucked, struck with a wooden dowel, or bowed with a violin bow.

A View From a Room was recorded & edited at Painted Sound Studios.


Billiard Ball & Wok
Mild Steel
1" x 28" x 28"